Gorey CS TY Newsletter

Come have a look at the Gorey CS Transition Year Newsletter and read what the year is all about.

Ploughing Championships — September 22, 2015

Ploughing Championships

TY is a time for completely new experiences throughout your year. It also has your traditional school experiences, only better. Our first example of this was our TY fashion show as an innovative way to meet our new class tutor groups but we were in for a real treat a few weeks later.

The entire year was brought on a school trip 3 hours away! We went to The National Ploughing Championships today, Tuesday 22nd September.


The Alert Programme Training Day — September 17, 2015

The Alert Programme Training Day

On the 17th of September 2015, a group of students from our year were picked to attend a training day in Sean Ógs in Kilmuckridge for the Alert Programme. The training day was hosted by Trinity College Dublin. The Alert Programme is a programme that was designed to help children get their energy levels right for different activities and to keep their brain alert in classes. We were taught that children’s energy levels tend to run either low, just right or high for activities and more often than not children don’t have the right energy levels for what they’re doing.

At the training day we went through the ten lessons that we would be going through with the children in our groups. Each of the lessons tend to focus on one of the five senses. The aim each lesson is to get the children’s energy levels to what they need to be, so by doing different activities you can decrease or increase their energy. All the things you can do are simple and you can get away with doing them in class, some as simple as tapping your leg or shaking a pen. It was a really good experience and at the end of the day we were all certified facilitators of the alert programme.

We are still continuing this throughout the year we go to classes for periods 4 and 5 on a Thursday and do a lesson each class. All in all it was a great experience and I’m glad to have been given the opportunity to do it.