Gorey CS TY Newsletter

Come have a look at the Gorey CS Transition Year Newsletter and read what the year is all about.

Create School — November 10, 2015

Create School

Create school was a two day workshop where we put together a short 5 minute film and trailer. After putting ourselves into 4 small groups, we spent the first 3 periods making our trailer. We could only stay in one room, so we had to use our imaginations to create an interesting trailer. Some of the trailers included “Creagh Cretins” and “A night in Arklow.” We used iPads to film and iMovie to put the trailer together. It was many people’s first time using iMovie but it was a simple, easy to learn app. In the next 3 periods, our team tried to come up with ideas for our short film. Once we had our idea, we started writing the script and assigning people characters to play in the film. After lunch, we finalised our script and headed out around the school to film. Everyone had the opportunity to film with the iPad, use the boom mic and act in the film. Cormack and Eoin helped us make our film realistic and taught us a lot of filming tips such as where to put the camera and how to project our voices. The next day, we came in and finished filming the remaining scenes in our film. A lot of people didn’t realise how much time and effort goes into making a film, so we were running short on time throughout the day to get the film done. Luckily, all the groups were able to finish before lunch. Eoin then helped us edit our film on iMovie and put the finishing touches on it. At the end of the day, we all enjoyed watching each other’s films and laughing at the bad acting and poorly written plot.

-Eoin Boers

Wassa Wassa —

Wassa Wassa

Wassa Wassa, was the best workshop that, in my opinion, we took part in over the 3 weeks of modules. During it we first met our instructors, Godfred and Niall. Niall was over the African drums section of the workshop and Godfred was over the African dance section. We were split into two groups, one learning drums and the other dance, after we learned one we switched groups. After we had learned to dance and use the drums we were tasked with performing a show in front of a class of judging first years, which included playing the drums and dancing.

-Daniel Scully

‘It was banter’ – Sean Newens

Song School — November 1, 2015

Song School

Song school started off with us all being introduced to the two member’s of song school Kevin and David or other people depending on your Galway group. We all gathered around in a circle and were asked our favorite music, embarrassing stories, talents etc. We were then split into four groups and told to come up with a theme for each of our songs. The first day was all about writing and coming up with lyrics. The second day was all about actually recording the song and supplying the music. After the songs were finished we all sat in a circle and recorded an interview/podcast about our song and our group. We then listened to all the songs and ended the day on a high note. Overall song school was a very enjoyable experience.

-Daniel Scully