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Leaders on Our Level — March 15, 2016

Leaders on Our Level

On the 11th March, all the TYs went on a trip to the Convention Centre Dublin to attend an event called Leaders on Our Level. The event was organised by Terenure College Boy’s School in Dublin. ‘Leaders on our Level’ is an annual event held for TY students from all over the country to come to. At the event there were inspirational speakers from all walks of life. Some of these speakers included Singer/Songwriter Niall Breslin (Bressie), Adventurer Mark Pollock and Fr. Peter Mc Verry. There were many high points of each of the speaker’s pieces. My favourite speaker was Bressie because although the things he spoke about were very deep and dark at times he was very easy to listen to and he also understood that he had a teenage audience in front of him. Bressie spoke about mental health and how he suffered in his teens with depression and anxiety. Bressie explained how he was involved in a lot of sport in his teens and he spoke about how getting out of the house and being on the pitch helped him get through the rough times he experienced. I felt he was very easy to relate to because he spoke about things that all of us TYs and teenagers in general go through. I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. The other guest speaker that really stood out to me was Mark Pollock. Mark is blind and also paralysed from the stomach down. Mark lost sight in his right eye when he was 5 and later lost sight in his left when he was 22. Blindness did not seem to faze him as he is an adventurer, athlete, rower, author and international motivational speaker. Mark competed in the 2002 Commonwealth Rowing Championships winning bronze and silver medals. Mark became the first blind man to race to the South Pole. As part of a three-man team called South Pole Flag, alongside Simon O’Donnell and Inge Solheim, he took 43 days in January 2009 to complete the Amundsen Omega 3 South Pole Race. They finished fifth overall from the six teams that finished the race. In his presentation, Mark spoke about these adventures and achievements. Mark also explained that In July 2010 he suffered a tragic fall from a second story window. He broke his back and was left paralysed. Mark is now living his own lessons, deciding how to overcome this second blow. A pioneer, he is exploring the frontiers of spinal cord injury recovery through aggressive physical therapy and robotic technology. I found Mark’s presentation extremely inspirational and interesting. I think it is incredible that he is still getting on with and continuing his research even though all these terrible obstacles got in his way. I really got a lot out of listening to Mark and it really inspired to do more in life and in the future. Personally I thought the leaders on our level event was a brilliant day out and was very beneficial to all who attended.

-Sinead Casey.

YSI Diabetes Regional Speak Out — March 10, 2016

YSI Diabetes Regional Speak Out

YSI Logo

On Wednesday 9th March, 3 Ty Young Social Innovators groups got the chance to showcase their projects that they had been working on since September. The Speak Out took place in Kilkenny. Overall, the day was a huge success and saw the Child Brides Awareness Project progress to the next Speak Out while the other two groups, Diabetes Awareness and Breastfeeding Awareness qualified for a poster display event in the Citywest Hotel, Dublin.

Future YSI related events include a street collection on May 20th for Diabetes Ireland in Gorey, this was organised by Megan Byrne, Diabetes Awareness group member with consent from the town council.

-Cian Dwyer