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Work Experience — April 26, 2016

Work Experience

I was part of the third group of work experience placements, which meant I worked from the 4th-8th April. My five day placement took place in Donals, a small shop on Gorey Main Street that sells toys, garden ornaments, candles, sweets, catering items and stationary. I had to search all over the town to get a placement. I tried initially to get a placement in the Tattoo shops and Art shops because I love art, and aspire to be a tattoo artist, but after being unlucky I settled for Donals. This would give me experience in retail which would look really good on a C.V for lots of different jobs. I was really nervous the night and morning before going in, but I felt more relaxed when I arrived as I became acquainted with the employees who were all really nice. I began by cleaning the shelves to get familiar with the products that were on sale in the shop. Afterwards, Andrew, the Manager of the shop, asked me to help him unload boxes of new merchandise for the shop from a van. Some boxes were really heavy. I opened the boxes, checked the invoice for prices, priced the items with the price gun and brought them out to the shop in a trolley to stack the shelves with them. Andrew showed me how to use the price gun, and how to change the roll of stickers when they had run out. Some customers approached me asking questions about where things were, whether we had certain things or not and how much things cost. This was daunting at first but after a while I got used to it, and was familiar enough with the shop to answer their queries. This was a very good way for me to learn how to deal with the public, who were all unique characters. On the final day, I got to learn how to use the cash register, and was left to use it independently for an hour. It was very easy to get the hang of and it was a bit of a buzz as I was under pressure a little more than I had been in the shop before. At the end of the week I felt very accomplished, with a better understanding of the working world. I learned lots of new skills, and I felt it was a great achievement.

-Fiona Somers

Work Experience — April 19, 2016

Work Experience

I did my work experience at Whelan’s pharmacy, working the hours of 10:00-15:00 with a lunch break from 12:40-1:40. I started off just re-stocking shelves and putting away medicine but by the third day I was getting medicine ready for blister packs by de-blistering them and I had learnt to use the till. I was still only doing very basic stuff but the fact they trusted me enough to sort out a blister pack meant a lot. On Thursday I had served my first customer and was putting the medicine in the blister packs corresponding to the lists. I was taught about the scripts for prescriptions and they showed me the books they have for the different people that might be addicted to certain drugs. It was a great experience to have as I got a real feel for the work environment. On my last day I was checking off the medicine from the large orders and putting it away. Just before I left, the manager gave me a card and I said thanks shook hands with them all and left after having a brilliant time, but guess what? Inside the card was a €20 voucher which made me happy and made me feel bad for not getting them anything but I can always drop something in I guess. I must say, if all transition year students got a work experience as good as mine them I’m sure they would be very pleased!! It was a great experience and I would love to look more into a career in pharmacy for the future.

-Emily Sydneham

TY Newsletter Module — April 14, 2016

TY Newsletter Module

The TY Newsletter/Magazine is a new module available to Transition Year students this year. It is in room 409 after lunch on Tuesday and runs for three 8 week modules. Ms. Lande and Mr. Quinlan teach the class and we work on our website, newsletter and videos during the class. This is our website, where all our articles come together with our videos, photos and links. We all have separate roles to play in this module and Matthew and Eoin have just recently finished editing our Newsletter.

You may have seen one of our paper copies but if you want to see the online version of our March Newsletter click here.

We have more content coming soon so keep an eye on this website to stay updated on all upcoming and recent events in GCS Transition Year 2015/2016.

-Jack Redmond

*Update! Our May newsletter is now available. Click here to view it.

Public Speaking Module — April 12, 2016

Public Speaking Module

Public speaking gave us the skills to be able to speak confidently in front of a group of people. We learned many different techniques and then put these skills into practice when we presented a PowerPoint presentation in front of the class. We also learned job interview skills which will help us when we apply for a job. Some of the things we learned were useful, such as how to engage your audience when speaking, while other things were useless, such as spending an hour learning how to cut and spread butter and jam on a scone and how to carry a cup of tea without making noise.

Overall it was a very enjoyable module and I would recommend for anyone who enjoys public-speaking, discussing topics or just writing.

-Jack Redmond