This year, TY students have volunteered to participate in the concern debates. Concern are an international humanitarian organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and suffering in the world’s poorest countries. The students involved debate whether they propose or oppose a  motion, these motions are popular  issues that are in the world today.

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The 11th of October

The first debate was on Tuesday, 11th of October in Saint Mary’s Arklow. For this debate four TY students were involved, the team’s captain was Izzy Nic Craith and her fellow debaters were Evan Kenny, Jordi Wortmann and Saoirse Kirwan. They were opposing the motion that “Ending World Hunger by 2030 is an impossible dream”. The team spoke about the world’s aims and it’s focus on redistributing food and wealth, Farming, GMOs, Entomophagy and Education. The team put up a good fight but sadly, the motion was proposed by the adjudicators. 

The 26th Of October

On the 26th of October the second Concern Debate took place here in our school against Creagh College. They were proposing the motion that “France should allow religious symbols in public institutions”. The team consisted of Saoirse Kirwan (team captain), Elisa Pandolfi, Michaela Byrne and Victoria Flemming. The team’s were head to head with very strong points and rebuttal but the adjudicators chose to oppose the motion AKA in favour of Creagh

The 15th Of October

On the 15th of November 2016, the Concern Debate against Colaiste Bhride in Carnew commenced. The team this time was Saoirse Kirwan(team captain), Victoria Flemming, Jordi Wartmman and Leanne Kavanagh. The motion was “Europe is failing Africa”, the team was opposing  convincing the audience if anything was failing Africa, it was Africa itself. Our teams performance was incredible, all eyes were on their speakers who spoke clearly and passionately about the subject. The adjudicators pointed out that the other team had insulted us and docked marks. Sadly, we lost 1-2.

-Saoirse Kirwan