I really enjoyed the workshop eagles flight, we done this workshop just before we went to Galway and I undoubtedly our group benefited from this. This workshop is all about team building and I believe that our group really bonded while doing this workshop. Firstly we were split into five groups and we played a game called “The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine”. The aim of this game was to look at the ‘best approach’ to a project and see how well your team works together. “The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine” really showed many peoples competitive side and we got to see who was extremely competitive.

Later on in the day we were tasked with the challenge of building a bridge. We appointed an overall manager who helped every group and then we had 4 co-managers who were given the task of building one element of the bridge with their team. We achieved the record for the quickest bridge built. Over all, this workshop was brilliant.