The two women who came to our school were Kate Breslin who worked as a nurse and a midwife in Dublin and London for many years.Brenda Hyland, she joined An Garda Siochana the same year she became Rose of Tralee, which also catapulted her into the world of media and fashion modelling. They were both very nice and they were both easy to talk to.


Etiquette was the second workshop that I’ve done on Thursday 20th of October. It was a very educational workshop and we all learned much from it. At the first we were told about what is etiquette and why it is important. We learned about proper posture, different kind of handshakes, how to properly dine and sent up a table properly which will probably be important in the future. The best part I think was walking on the red carpet like literally it was a red carpet and we had to put a book on our heads and walk to the other side on the room. It was really fun, we were all laughing. The main goal was to teach us good manners and how to present yourself well.

I would recommend this workshop as it would benefit you in many ways and it was really fun.