Image result for tweakelTinpot Radio is a workshop that I did on the fifth day and it was a bit difficult for me at first as we had to write two scripts, one like an advertising for a thing of our choice and the second one was a 60 second update debate like where you  talk about a topic and one agrees and the other disagrees. It sounds really easy, but it was harder than it sounds. Talking wasn’t the only thing we had to worry about, the timing was also a big part for example on the advertising we only had 30 seconds and it couldn’t be more or less so it wasn’t that bad after we finished recording everything. Whenever we would record two or three groups would go into this small van and inside it was a recording studio, couches and a tv, where we could watch the people in the recording booth. Image

The last part we did I really enjoyed and it was making our own music playlist where we decided to write the title, artist, how it starts, how it finishes and the time etc so it wasn’t just writing the title and the artist but it was really fun. I was terrified at first about recording but it was definitely a very good and eye opening workshop. –Oliwia Pomietlarz