Self defence was one of the best workshops. It was very interesting and helpful as it is a good life skill to have if we are ever attacked. The workshop lasted for one day up at the rugby club and we had two instructors. They showed us all the different techniques you can use to defend yourself against someone.

We worked in pairs for while as one person would hold the boxing pad and the other person would hit it or kick it. We used the pads for a while as a practice for when we would fight against each other and the instructors after lunch. Lunch went by quickly and we then started fighting against each other and the instructors.

The instructors wore safety gear from their heads to their toes, and we wore helmets. It was really fun grappling against each other and the instructors as some people didn’t realise how strong or good they were until this workshop! This was a very enjoyable workshop and I would love to do it again!