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Come have a look at the Gorey CS Transition Year Newsletter and read what the year is all about.

Bene Merenti — May 20, 2016

Bene Merenti

The Bene Merenti is a show of talent from our school that is held every year. Auditions are held in the school and the best acts get the chance to perform in front of the public for two nights in Gorey Little Theatre. I decided to take up music this year and as a result, I was part of Ms. McGrath’s choir in the show. Our class had been practising for months, as we did the same performance for a Gambia concert in St. Michael’s church. That time, however, it was just our class performing it. For Bene Merenti, we were singing along side Ms. Dempsey’s choir. The song we sang was Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie. Zack played bass, Cein played guitar, Amanda played Piano and Ben played drums. Ciara and Aisling also had singing solos during the performance. Two days before Bene Merenti ,we had our dress rehearsals in The Little Theatre. These went on right from the morning up until home time. I was with Cein and Samantha on the way down, where we met up with Jean, Zack, Jake and Sean. The rehearsals were very fun, and it was cool to see the dozens of acts that were going to perform. It was clear that a huge amount of time and practise went into every act. There was a TY dance crew with girls and boys from the year, choreographed by Ciara Byrne, which brought a lot of energy to the show and it was very fun to watch. Some TYs played instruments as part of Traditional groups. There was also a piece from the movie Matilda that Amanda Fitzpatrick, Cara O’Conner and Jessica Kavanagh took part in. Going backstage before we had to perform was kind of nerve wracking but I felt relieved that we were on stage in a big group. I respected those who were brave enough to get up there on their own or in a small group. Rehearsals were tiring but we had a good laugh. I was excited for the real show to begin. We all got dressed up and ready to head down to Gorey Little Theatre. I met up with my friends who were all dressed in rock and roll attire. I did Cein’s eyeliner in a Glam Rock kind of style as homage to David Bowie. We were on and off in no time and the performance went well, which left us time to have fun and relax backstage, share sweets and have sing songs. At half time we went to the takeaway and shared a bag of chips. At the end of the night, people were awarded for their acts and their participation over the years. The whole night was a great experience and it really showcased the talent in the school that I never knew existed. I’m sorry I didn’t get involved in music sooner.

-Fiona Somers

UCD Open Day 2016 —

UCD Open Day 2016

Every year in TY there is a trip up to UCD for all the students. We were brought around the UCD campus by 2nd year college students and were shown all the different departments such as the Science Department, the Legal Department and the Art buildings. In these buildings, we were told what happens in each room and we were shown some of the equipment used by the students and teachers. I would have to say that my favourite part of the day was getting the tour of the Science building and getting to see the unbelievably massive lecture theatres. After our tour was over and we had asked whatever questions we wanted, we were let off to buy lunch. Then we got on the buses and headed home. I found this day to be great fun and really got a lot out of it. They definitely succeeded in selling the College in my opinion.


Mind, Body and Spirit talk with Damien Wade —

Mind, Body and Spirit talk with Damien Wade

Every Tuesday for six weeks all TY Personal Development classes went to the Oratory to hear from Damien Wade, a qualified Psychotherapist, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium and much more. His aim was to teach us as much as he could about mental, physical, and spiritual health, while also ensuring we understood the meaning of the word, ”health” and how to keep all aspects of our life balanced. The teachings began with nutrition, where we learned what the best fuel for our bodies was. He told us to cut down on sugar and eat more proteins and fats. He told us that we are all individuals and we all tolerate different things. Our body is a Ferrari, and you need to give it the right fuel for it to perform like one. How we eat affects our physical well being but also ultimately affects our mental health. He taught us how to exercise correctly in a way that improves the body rather than damaging it. For example, if you want to increase your speed, aim to build strength in a gym instead of just running on a pitch or track. Also make sure you are running in short bursts instead of long distances. He spoke about addiction, depression, and more, but the main thing that I took away from the lesson was that we all have the power of choice. We can choose our own path in life, and we can choose whether we are happy or not. He told us to face one fear every day, to be mindful and live in the now, because now is all we have. When you give out positive energy you receive positive energy. Within each and every moment we are shaping ourselves as a person. Try and get away from artificial things as much as possible such as social media. Stand out of your own way and realise you have the power to accomplish anything you want to.

-Fiona Somers

Road Safety Day — May 18, 2016

Road Safety Day

On the 3rd March, all of TY attended a road safety presentation in Wexford cinema. We had to get up really early to be at the school for eight o’clock because the bus left at 8:20. We headed down to Wexford and went into Screen 2 . We all sat down and the presentation on road safety began. We had a number of speakers including Gardai, Doctors and Firemen all talking to us about different aspects of road safety. The two Gardai spoke to us about the importance of seatbelts and not drinking/texting while driving. We had a quick break before going back in to the theatre for the second half of the talk. During the second half there was a presentation on mental health and the relationship between mental health and dangerous driving. A Doctor then talked to us about some injuries he had come across in the hospital from car crashes. This was followed by a Fireman speaking about his job and the tools that he uses to free people in car crashes. A very realistic video of a car crash wrapped up the day. We then left the cinema and headed to McDonalds for lunch before returning to school. Overall it was a great day and a great experience.

-Emily Sydneman

CSI Module — May 17, 2016

CSI Module

The CSI Module is based around techniques crime scene investigators and lab analysts use to solve crimes. The module is taught by Ms. O’Mahony and takes place for three periods every Wednesday. In the first class, Ms. O’Mahony shows a PowerPoint based on the experiments that will be done. Topics that are covered in the 8 week module are DNA, Blood, Chromatography and much more.

Every week we did a fun experiment based on our chosen topic. We did things like heating and dissolving chemicals, comparing samples and looking at items under a microscope. It was a great module and was interesting every week.

-Cian Dwyer

BK Inniu Etiquette Workshop —

BK Inniu Etiquette Workshop

The BK Inniu Workshop that was held was a fantastic experience. Kate and Brenda the two women that held the workshop were incredibly mannerly and kind and presented themselves extremely well. Their main aim was to teach us the same, we learned a lot of good manners and little every day to day things that you wouldn’t normally think about but you should. We learned how to wine and dine the proper way if we were to ever dine in a formal function. We also learned about proper posture and a good handshake, also how important it is to have both and the impression it gives off. I would highly recommend this workshop to everyone as it is extremely enjoyable and fun and you benefit from it in many different ways.

-Georgia Tripp

Pottery Module — May 10, 2016

Pottery Module

The pottery module that is held over the year is an extremely good experience to have. You get to learn many different methods of how to make a selection of different pots. It is extremely beneficial to students who wish to enter a college course to do with arts or especially pottery in more depth. It gives you an idea of how much time and effort is actually needed to make a piece of pottery up to the standard of being able to make a career out of it and sell your pieces. It is also a very fun and relaxed module to attend as you get to design the pots as you wish and put your own personal touch to your pottery pieces. I would highly recommend choosing this module to everyone as it isn’t categorised to anyone in particular also a lot of people were surprised at how good the module was compared to their expectations. For new coming TY’s and current students who still have the chance it is highly recommended.

-Georgia Tripp

Work Experience — May 3, 2016

Work Experience

I completed my Work Experience in St.Clemen’s community playschool on St.Michael’s Rd in Gorey from the 1st – 5th February. In the playschool, my role was that of a classroom assistant. I was assigned to one particular room for the week. There were two sessions each day. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays the morning session started at 9 am and finished at 12 pm .Between the morning and afternoon sessions I had an hour long break for lunch. The afternoon session started at around 12:55 and ended at 3:15 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursdays and Fridays were different times as the classes were generally of a younger age. The morning sessions stayed the same for each day and the afternoon session changed on the last 2 days. The afternoon session started at 12:30 and ended at 3:15. Throughout the week I worked with 4 different class groups, ranging in ages from 2.5 to 5 years of age. The children each attended the school for a varying length of time from 1 year to 3 years, depending on the parent’s preference or the age of the child. My job in the classroom was to help the teachers that worked there and to play with and interact with the children. When the children came into the class at first they would have an hour of what was called ‘free play’, so this meant they could go around the room and play with whatever toys they liked. In the room there was a toy kitchen, washing machine, oven etc. There was also a large blackboard for the children to draw on and the rest of the room was full of a large range of toys for them to play with. My job during free play was to go around the room making sure the children were all playing nicely and to also interact and play with them as well. After free play we generally had circle time where we might play some games, read a story or sing a couple of songs. This would normally last about 15-20 minutes. After this would be lunch time. At lunchtime, one child would be appointed the job of giving out the classes’ packed lunches. There was a very important healthy food policy in the playschool so all the food was very healthy. Next was tidy up time and some quiet play. This was where we sat the children down at the tables and gave out some smaller toys where they might have to build something or create something. Afterwards we cleaned up it was home time for the children. After the children were gone, the teachers and I had to clean up the room, sweep the floor and generally sort things out. Throughout the week I came across many different situations from upset and sick children to angry and misbehaved children. I learned how to solve these problems and handle new situations like this that I had never come across before. I really enjoyed my time in St. Clemen’s and got on very well with all the children and staff. I was also at an advantage as I had attended the school when I was small myself so it was nice to go back and meet all the ladies from my childhood again. My boss was a lady named Louise who is the manager/principal of the school. She was extremely helpful and very kind and friendly, as were the rest of the staff I worked with. I really felt happy and thoroughly enjoyed my time working there and I would love to go back and do it all again.

-Sinead Casey

Work Experience — April 26, 2016

Work Experience

I was part of the third group of work experience placements, which meant I worked from the 4th-8th April. My five day placement took place in Donals, a small shop on Gorey Main Street that sells toys, garden ornaments, candles, sweets, catering items and stationary. I had to search all over the town to get a placement. I tried initially to get a placement in the Tattoo shops and Art shops because I love art, and aspire to be a tattoo artist, but after being unlucky I settled for Donals. This would give me experience in retail which would look really good on a C.V for lots of different jobs. I was really nervous the night and morning before going in, but I felt more relaxed when I arrived as I became acquainted with the employees who were all really nice. I began by cleaning the shelves to get familiar with the products that were on sale in the shop. Afterwards, Andrew, the Manager of the shop, asked me to help him unload boxes of new merchandise for the shop from a van. Some boxes were really heavy. I opened the boxes, checked the invoice for prices, priced the items with the price gun and brought them out to the shop in a trolley to stack the shelves with them. Andrew showed me how to use the price gun, and how to change the roll of stickers when they had run out. Some customers approached me asking questions about where things were, whether we had certain things or not and how much things cost. This was daunting at first but after a while I got used to it, and was familiar enough with the shop to answer their queries. This was a very good way for me to learn how to deal with the public, who were all unique characters. On the final day, I got to learn how to use the cash register, and was left to use it independently for an hour. It was very easy to get the hang of and it was a bit of a buzz as I was under pressure a little more than I had been in the shop before. At the end of the week I felt very accomplished, with a better understanding of the working world. I learned lots of new skills, and I felt it was a great achievement.

-Fiona Somers

Work Experience — April 19, 2016

Work Experience

I did my work experience at Whelan’s pharmacy, working the hours of 10:00-15:00 with a lunch break from 12:40-1:40. I started off just re-stocking shelves and putting away medicine but by the third day I was getting medicine ready for blister packs by de-blistering them and I had learnt to use the till. I was still only doing very basic stuff but the fact they trusted me enough to sort out a blister pack meant a lot. On Thursday I had served my first customer and was putting the medicine in the blister packs corresponding to the lists. I was taught about the scripts for prescriptions and they showed me the books they have for the different people that might be addicted to certain drugs. It was a great experience to have as I got a real feel for the work environment. On my last day I was checking off the medicine from the large orders and putting it away. Just before I left, the manager gave me a card and I said thanks shook hands with them all and left after having a brilliant time, but guess what? Inside the card was a €20 voucher which made me happy and made me feel bad for not getting them anything but I can always drop something in I guess. I must say, if all transition year students got a work experience as good as mine them I’m sure they would be very pleased!! It was a great experience and I would love to look more into a career in pharmacy for the future.

-Emily Sydneham