Gorey CS TY Newsletter

Come have a look at the Gorey CS Transition Year Newsletter and read what the year is all about.

Public Speaking — January 8, 2016

Public Speaking

TY consists of many various and innovative modules. These take place for three class periods on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. One of the most helpful yet nerve-wracking modules is Public Speaking on Monday morning.

When I originally found out that I had his module, I was not very happy and quite nervous. However, since I started the module, I have loved it and the things we have learned in class will be extremely useful for years to come.

Our teacher is Mr. Forrest and he has been absolutely brilliant at helping us improve things such as our posture and figure of speech when speaking. He has not been afraid to criticize and joke about our mistakes, but it is all in good humor and overall it has been a wonderful experience.

-Jack O’Sullivan

Food Appeal — December 15, 2015

Food Appeal


On Wednesday the 9th of December I attended a meeting with a number of people for the school food appeal. At the beginning of period 6 one of my friends and I went to the junior canteen for a meeting, in this meeting we got into groups and went around the school asking classes to give whatever food they can.  This was for the St. Vincent de Paul and would be collected period 1 on Friday the 11th. On Friday we went around asking people to drop the food off to reception and then we spent the rest of the class sorting through the food and packing it in boxes. We then got our photo taken for the newspaper. This food appeal was for those who had no food this Christmas, all the boxes were taken to the St. Vincent de Paul and it would be staying in the local area for anyone who needs it this Christmas. Only non-perishable food was accepted and sweets and cake seeing as it would be staying in the local area, there was mainly tinned food brought in but there was a large selection of other non-perishable food brought in to.  A lot of people contributed to it and it was a great turnout of food for a great cause.

-Emily Sydenham