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Lollipop Day! Bucket collection for the Oesophageal Cancer Fund — February 29, 2016

Lollipop Day! Bucket collection for the Oesophageal Cancer Fund

On the 26th February, two Transition Year classes were assigned to collect money for the Oesophageal Cancer Fund. We were split up into small groups and sent to different locations throughout the town including Aldi, Gorey Shopping Centre and Pettitt’s Supervalu. Each group was given a bucket, t-shirts and posters. The OCF had come up with the idea of calling the day Lollipop Day. So to raise the money needed, all the students sold lollipops in the shape of hearts. I think the idea behind the lollipops was to symbolise the lollipop in the mouth as the cancer effects the oesophagus and the surrounding areas of the throat and the mouth. We went out around the town for most of the day and spent our time collecting money and selling lollipops for the cancer fund. After we were all finished, we came back to the school and a small number of us went and gathered all the money together and counted it in the office. We did extremely well. managing to raise over €1,350 throughout the whole day. Some members of the public were very generous with their donations, giving more than what was required to buy the lollipop, some people giving €5-10 when the lollipop cost only €1/2.

-Sinead Casey.