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Come have a look at the Gorey CS Transition Year Newsletter and read what the year is all about.

T.Y Expo 2016 — January 25, 2017

T.Y Expo 2016

On Tuesday the 13th of September, the whole of Transition Year headed up to Punchestown County Kildare, for T.Y Expo 2016. We met in the outer car park at 7.15am, before travelling in our class tutor groups by bus. Before going on the trip, none of the year had a clear idea of what we were going to do when we arrived, as we had not been told much information about it. When we arrived we were excited for the day ahead.

We received wristbands and headed into the event centre where we met with hundreds of companies who had expressed interest in contributing to our transition year. We were then let loose and told to meet back at the buses at 1pm so we could return home in time for the buses. It was clear very quickly, that the companies who had ‘free stuff’ were the most popular, as by the end of the day, our arms were filled with free wristbands, and jumpers full of stickers!

Highlights of the day in the event centre included watching our fellow classmates take down self-defence instructors, using cameras that would be used in film making and our faces being put on the big screen. Our school also entered a competition to win a free trip on the Camino De Santiago next year. Laura Savage told us she “loved the expo because it gave me different ideas for my transition year, including the AIB Build A Bank” and Victoria Fleming said she “especially enjoyed the film making section as it showed us how to do different tricks with cameras used in movie making!”

Overall, the trip was very informative and great craic, and also a great way to forget about the next day which was results day.

-Megan Lanigan










The T.Y Fashion Show 2016 —

The T.Y Fashion Show 2016

The last day of T.Y Induction was the T.Y Fashion Show. This is always re guarded as a highlight of T.Y, so Lets see what this years T.Y’s thought!

Our TY co-ordinators, Michael Quinlan and Sara Clancy, picked the theme for this year’s fashion show,‘Nightmare On Esmonde Street’. Each group had to pick a character from a horror film and create a costume of their character made from recycled material. Class tutors were split into groups of 4 to 5 people, each working on a costume each. We asked a few T.Y’s for their thoughts on the day.

Q1-Did you think the theme for this year’s fashion show was a good one?

MOLLY-“Yes, I think it was fun, interesting and creative.”

ABBY-“Yes, in my opinion, I thought the theme was a good choice as most people enjoy horror films.”

REBECCA-“ I thought it was a really good theme! It got the boys involved in the fashion show as well, which I wasn’t expecting.”

CIARA-“It was a good theme but it was hard to pick different characters for everyone else.”

Q2What character did you choose for the fashion show?

MOLLY-“Our character was a dead angel from the movie ‘Dead Angel’.”

ABBY-“Our character was a demon from the movie ‘Constantine’.”

REBECCA-“Our character was the nun from ‘The Conjuring 2’.”

CIARA-“Our character was based on the nun from ‘The Conjuring’. Other groups also picked this character.”

Q3-What jobs were done by you and the other people in the group?

MOLLY-“We all made the costume, Darragh modelled, Ciara and I picked the music along with the help of the lads.”

ABBY-“There was one person doing hair, another doing make-up and the rest were focused on the costume.”

REBECCA-“Martin modelled, Carl spoke on behalf of the group, I did the make-up and Chris and Iomar made the costume.”

CIARA-“We had a speaker, someone who picked the music and the rest of us focused on the costume and make-up.”

Q4-Do you think that working in groups broke the ice in your new class tutor?

MOLLY-“Well, we were definitely mixed with people we wouldn’t usually talk to and it kind of helped us to get to know them.”

ABBY-“I feel that it broke the ice and since the fashion show I’ve become closer to the people i worked with.”

REBECCA-“I think it worked well for breaking the ice , it also made me more comfortable with people from other classes.”

CIARA-“I think so as we didn’t know who some of the people in our class tutor were before the fashion show.”


T.Y Induction 2016/2017 —

T.Y Induction 2016/2017


On Wednesday, the 7th of September, all of the future T.Y students returned to the halls of G.C.S. We met in the oratory for an assembly were we met our TY coordinators Ms Clancy and Mr Quinlan. We were told that we would gain maturity, confidence and meet new people in our year. We were also informed about how T.Y will certainly not be a gap year, but a year to try new activities that we have never tried before. I personally found this assembly very informative and it made me excited for what TY had to offer.

We then were put into our English classes which is our class tutors. We got our Portfolios and filled out our personal information on them. We also got our new school journals where we could take notes down from classes for assignments.

The next day, we had an assembly about modules. We were told about the various modules that we would be doing for the next 10 weeks. It was fascinating seeing all of the modules, particularly because we would all be participating in activities most of us had never done before. I was certainly intrigued by the concept of having a mix of modules that I would enjoy, and doing normal subjects that will prepare me for 5th year.

The next talk was about work experience and community service. We were told that we would pick an area to do the work and were advised to pick a place where we have a genuine interest for the job. We were given a list of the places where past TY students worked. It was interesting to see all of the difference places we could work and it made me very excited to see where I could possibly do my work experience or community service!

After this, we had a talk about social media awareness. We found out many interesting yet scary facts about websites such as Snapchat and Facebook that made everyone really reflect on how dangerous these websites are. A lot of students even refrained from logging on to social media websites after the talk!

Ms Clancy talked to us about the Gaisce award. It was fascinating finding out about how we can win an award from the president by doing activities like volunteering, learning a new hobby and physical recreation. By doing these activities, we not only get to help the community, we get to prove to ourselves that we can accomplish anything if we set our minds to it.

Image result for gaisce logo

Ms Stevens had a talk about our portfolios. She spoke to us about how at the end of the year, we have to create a portfolio project that reflects our year of TY in a new, fresh way. She inspired us by showing a lot of the previous TY’s projects. It was astounding to see how much creativity went into the projects and inspired all of the present TY’s to keep the standard of effort in our projects and maybe even raise it this year! We would also be posting the progress of our portfolios online with a website called MyTY.ie.

We were then brought to the oratory where Mr Kinsella, our school Chaplin talked to us about our expectations for TY. He spoke about all we could get from T.Y and brought two students from 5th year with him. They spoke about how they got the most out of T.Y by trying new modules that they may not have tried before. The students spoke about ballroom dancing and how they thought they would not have tried or liked it but after one class they beamed about how much fun the module was and encouraged us to try out new modules and get the most out of the year!

Finally, we had a talk about the Galway trip in St Petersburg. We learned about the necessary items to bring and what activities we would be doing. I was very enthusiastic for Galway knowing that I would gain new experiences and try new challenges. I was also thrilled by the idea of getting to bond with new people I had never met before!

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All in all, this induction week gave me the confidence I needed to know that I should defiantly try new things in TY. It also gave me a lot more information about the year that I needed to know. It made me excited for the year to come and the experiences I will have!

-David O’Grady