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Pottery Module — May 10, 2016

Pottery Module

The pottery module that is held over the year is an extremely good experience to have. You get to learn many different methods of how to make a selection of different pots. It is extremely beneficial to students who wish to enter a college course to do with arts or especially pottery in more depth. It gives you an idea of how much time and effort is actually needed to make a piece of pottery up to the standard of being able to make a career out of it and sell your pieces. It is also a very fun and relaxed module to attend as you get to design the pots as you wish and put your own personal touch to your pottery pieces. I would highly recommend choosing this module to everyone as it isn’t categorised to anyone in particular also a lot of people were surprised at how good the module was compared to their expectations. For new coming TY’s and current students who still have the chance it is highly recommended.

-Georgia Tripp