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T.Y.F.Y.I Module — January 25, 2017

T.Y.F.Y.I Module

The T.Y.F.Y.I module is a news gathering module in transition year that is all about journalism and the joys of making a news paper. It’s taught by Mr Quinlan the T.Y co-ordinator and I personally don’t think anyone else could be better for this task than him as he makes the hours of writing and research enjoyable. Though it may sound like hard work it is a fun task that is easy to get done in a rhythmic pace. In the module you learn many valuable skills such as organisation and writing skills while creating your own articles for the TYFYI news letter.


It began slowly with us just getting to know the basics of journalism and writing the articles they weren’t all that great at the beginning and correcting them (with the help of our superb director Mr Quinlan). We  gathered news from all the various activities we have under took as the introduction week, modules, workshops, Galway, and  topics out of the circumference of school and even Ireland such as the American elections. We spoke to many kind people and friends to get info while creating and researching our articles and so we got sufficient amounts of great opinions from a broad range of people about our topics.


We got to write the articles in the way we wanted to and we’re allowed to write whatever we wanted about the topics we got to write about (obviously no profanity). I would recommend this module to anyone interested in English, journalism and writing in general as it is a fun and great way to express your thoughts, feelings and opinions on various subjects and matters.


-Michael Oles


Scratch Programming Module —

Scratch Programming Module

Scratch Programming is a module in Gorey Community School taught by Ms Ruxton. In this module, students are taught the basics of scratch programming and are given a general idea of how programming works.

Image result for scratch logo png

The module is definitely aimed for people who have never had any prior experience to scratch, providing tutorials to students who may not know how to work the programme. This certainly makes the module very beginner friendly and easy to follow. However I believe that people that have had experience with scratch will definitely enjoy what the module has to offer.


Over the course of the 8 weeks, students will learn how to make various games like penalty shoot out games and quizzes. At the end of the module, students are given the task of designing their own game. The aspect of being able to design your very own game is a very intriguing concept and all in all is very enjoyable to create your own characters, levels and stories in which you can live out your fantasies.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this module to anyone who has an interest in scratch programming, especially beginners as it gives students the basic idea of how to programme with easy to understand instructions and a kind teacher who is willing to help any student who may need it. I strongly encourage students to give this module a try as you will learn skills that will last for years to come.

-David O Grady


Young Social Innovators —

Young Social Innovators

I chose Y.S.I as my year module for periods 4,5 and 6 on Mondays, as I’m really interested in helping the community and I’ve seen past projects and it seems like something I’d be really into. The teacher involved is Ms Hamilton, and she has really got us excited and interested in making a project, and hopefully getting through to the finals. Our class has so far split into 3 groups, and we’ve each chosen a topic we’d like to focus on. The three topics are Homelessness, Gender Equality and Human Trafficking. I am in the homelessness group and we are called Pimp My Pavement. So far, we’ve discussed what we’d like to do with our project, for example we plan to do a sleep out in the Quad and are currently doing a movement called ‘Knit a Square to show you care!’ Where we are asking people to knit squares so we can make scarves and blankets for the homeless to make the cold winter more bearable. It’s all systems go!


I’m really looking forward to participating in the regional’s next year and progressing through our project. Hopefully we will succeed! You can like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat @PimpMyPavement!

-Megan Lanigan

Puppetry Module —

Puppetry Module

My teacher was Ms. Stevens , she’s very nice and help full. For the first few weeks we were looking for ideas for our puppets.

There was loads of different ideas for example: The Fresh Prince Of Bell Air , Harambe , Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and even characters  from Sesame Street and Game Of Thrones.

Image result for teenage mutant ninja turtles namesImage result for game of thrones logo png

Image result for fresh prince of bel air logo

We also had to pick and bring in materials such as , baby cloths , sheets, mud rock , scissors and much more


My opinion on puppetry is its great, the teacher is brilliant , it’s a new experience and it’s a new skill.

-Jake Dunne


Green Schools Module —

Green Schools Module


One module I got was the Green Schools Module taught by Ms Fairweather. On the first day me and a few others got picked to do the recycling with Brian, we had to go up to the Mary Ward art buildings and collect the rubbish bins and bring them back down to the school on a trolley to put them in the bigger bins to be disposed of.

We had to wear gloves to protect our hands.



After we had done the art buildings we had to go collect and replace the bins all around the school, we would all divide up and go around the different around the school to do the bins.

After a few weeks we changed around our jobs and we did gardening instead.

We tidied up the bushes around the front of the school to make them look attractive for the school open day. Leaves and branches had to be a taken away in a wheelbarrow and brought down to the compost bin at the side of the school.

I really enjoyed the module because I learned a lot about the environment and how to make the world a cleaner place.

By Rebecca Parry



GAA Module —

GAA Module

The GAA module takes place on the first three periods of Tuesday morning. For the first two weeks, two men involved with Croke Park got us to try out a new game coming to GAA. It is a game suitable for people with disabilities and we were testing it out to see how well it worked and if there were any possible improvements to be made. They were quite happy with how it went and the ideas we gave them. They were also glad that we enjoyed it.


There are way more lads than girls doing the module but it doesn’t really matter because we get split into groups and mixed around. Everyone seems to enjoy it and we are all making new friends. I am looking forward to the year ahead as this module lasts all year.

-Eimear Wildes

Finance and Budgeting Module —

Finance and Budgeting Module

Finance and Budgeting is one of the many modules that happen in TY. When I first heard that I had the finance and budgeting module I thought it was going to be like triple business class, however I couldn’t be more wrong.


In finance and budgeting with Mrs. Lenihean we learn how to save money. We were first challenged with the task of coming up with five different meals under €5. Then we were put in pairs and sent to different supermarkets.

I was sent to Tesco alongside 3 others and surprisingly we got five meals for under €5. While others weren’t as lucky, both SuperValu and Dunnes were the most expensive supermarkets.


We also learn how to give a good and proper presentation, with people giving us good and helpful feedback on how to improve our presentation skills. So far finance and budgeting is quite an interesting and helpful module and it will definitely help me later on in life.

-Ciara Doyle


Drama Module —

Drama Module

The Drama module is probably one of the best modules. We started off just playing drama games like walk around and try to till the room or walk in different styles. Then we get little tasks in a group of around five people, we had to do an advert. My group had to do an advert for spot cream, we did it really funny at it was really nice to make it.

The next week, we had to do a photo in freeze, we had a place where it was set and we could do whatever we wanted, then the others had to guess where it was set. That was great fun as well, we had to do a prison, that was cool. After that, we had to do more of them so that we had 5 “photos” which make a little story when shown after each other.


The following week, we had another game where we got a card and the higher the number, the more self confident we should walk and then the others had to guess how high you are (there were the numbers 2,4,7,8,10 and a king in each group). That was really cool too.

-Marlene Engelbhrecht


Italian Exchange Module —

Italian Exchange Module

The Italian Exchange module is a compulsory module for anyone who is participating in the Italian Exchange. In this module you learn useful phrases and words in Italian and information about Italy itself. You also read letters and profiles written by the Italian exchange students and learn about them and their interests. We were also able to skype the Italian students and talk to them and allow them to properly introduce themselves.


The Italian teacher Mrs Calzonie also comes over from Italy for a short time to give us lessons in Italian and to tell us about Catiligion Florentino, which is where we will be staying in Italy. This module is very useful for the exchange students as it gives them a basis of Italian language to work with in Italy and also gives us an idea of what the exchange will be like.

-Alex Crowe


Forensics Science C.S.I Module —

Forensics Science C.S.I Module



I chose C.S.I as my year module for periods 1, 2 and 3 on Tuesday, as it sounded interesting and seemed like something I’d be really into. The teacher involved is Ms O’ Mahoney , and she has really got us excited and interested. Each week we focused on a different topic, and we spent the first class taking notes on it. The next two classes are spent experimenting and investigating. Our class has learned about facial recognition, blood, white powders, finger printing, hair and DNA. I actually loved the module as it so informative and great fun too.


I will miss doing this module, as I loved it. I’m not normally hugely into science, but this module has really surprised me that I’m liking it that much! If science is something you are into, you’d adore this module.


-Megan Lanigan