Gorey CS TY Newsletter

Come have a look at the Gorey CS Transition Year Newsletter and read what the year is all about.

Pottery Module — May 10, 2016

Pottery Module

The pottery module that is held over the year is an extremely good experience to have. You get to learn many different methods of how to make a selection of different pots. It is extremely beneficial to students who wish to enter a college course to do with arts or especially pottery in more depth. It gives you an idea of how much time and effort is actually needed to make a piece of pottery up to the standard of being able to make a career out of it and sell your pieces. It is also a very fun and relaxed module to attend as you get to design the pots as you wish and put your own personal touch to your pottery pieces. I would highly recommend choosing this module to everyone as it isn’t categorised to anyone in particular also a lot of people were surprised at how good the module was compared to their expectations. For new coming TY’s and current students who still have the chance it is highly recommended.

-Georgia Tripp

TY Newsletter Module — April 14, 2016

TY Newsletter Module

The TY Newsletter/Magazine is a new module available to Transition Year students this year. It is in room 409 after lunch on Tuesday and runs for three 8 week modules. Ms. Lande and Mr. Quinlan teach the class and we work on our website, newsletter and videos during the class. This is our website, where all our articles come together with our videos, photos and links. We all have separate roles to play in this module and Matthew and Eoin have just recently finished editing our Newsletter.

You may have seen one of our paper copies but if you want to see the online version of our March Newsletter click here.

We have more content coming soon so keep an eye on this website to stay updated on all upcoming and recent events in GCS Transition Year 2015/2016.

-Jack Redmond

*Update! Our May newsletter is now available. Click here to view it.

Public Speaking Module — April 12, 2016

Public Speaking Module

Public speaking gave us the skills to be able to speak confidently in front of a group of people. We learned many different techniques and then put these skills into practice when we presented a PowerPoint presentation in front of the class. We also learned job interview skills which will help us when we apply for a job. Some of the things we learned were useful, such as how to engage your audience when speaking, while other things were useless, such as spending an hour learning how to cut and spread butter and jam on a scone and how to carry a cup of tea without making noise.

Overall it was a very enjoyable module and I would recommend for anyone who enjoys public-speaking, discussing topics or just writing.

-Jack Redmond

YSI Diabetes Regional Speak Out — March 10, 2016

YSI Diabetes Regional Speak Out

YSI Logo

On Wednesday 9th March, 3 Ty Young Social Innovators groups got the chance to showcase their projects that they had been working on since September. The Speak Out took place in Kilkenny. Overall, the day was a huge success and saw the Child Brides Awareness Project progress to the next Speak Out while the other two groups, Diabetes Awareness and Breastfeeding Awareness qualified for a poster display event in the Citywest Hotel, Dublin.

Future YSI related events include a street collection on May 20th for Diabetes Ireland in Gorey, this was organised by Megan Byrne, Diabetes Awareness group member with consent from the town council.

-Cian Dwyer

Public Speaking — January 8, 2016

Public Speaking

TY consists of many various and innovative modules. These take place for three class periods on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. One of the most helpful yet nerve-wracking modules is Public Speaking on Monday morning.

When I originally found out that I had his module, I was not very happy and quite nervous. However, since I started the module, I have loved it and the things we have learned in class will be extremely useful for years to come.

Our teacher is Mr. Forrest and he has been absolutely brilliant at helping us improve things such as our posture and figure of speech when speaking. He has not been afraid to criticize and joke about our mistakes, but it is all in good humor and overall it has been a wonderful experience.

-Jack O’Sullivan